RibLoc® U+

Chest Wall Plating System

RibLoc U Plus Chest Wall Plating System represents an evolutionary step forward, dramatically improving the way ACUTE Innovations® addresses challenging rib fractures. RibLoc U Plus weaves together technology, experience, patient needs, and surgeon feedback in developing a solution that is efficient, versatile, and customizable to each patient and situation. The U-shape plates retain their stability better than anterior plating2. We have built the next generation chest wall system to get the patient back to health, back to work, back to life.


U-clip fixation that does not rely on bone quality alone

Anterior and posterior dual locking technology


Addresses diverse fracture patterns

Targets a broader range of patient needs


U-clips compress to match rib thickness

Bending instrumentation


Multi-purpose instrumentation

One screw, drill and driver

indications for use

The ACUTE Innovations® RibLoc® U Plus Chest Wall Plating System is intended to stabilize and provide fixation for fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the ribs, and for reconstructions of the chest wall. 

Features & Benefits

Custom Fit to the Rib

Plate and screws fit a broad range of rib sizes and fracture patterns. The plates range in length from 50mm-215mm, which allows the surgeon to address a broad range of fracture patterns. The plate design offers a compressible U-clip for a perfect fit to a broad range of rib thicknesses (6mm-14mm).

2.7mm Dual-Threaded screws are provided in lengths from 6mm to 14mm, in 2mm increments and are color-coded for accurate and efficient installation.

Dual-Locking Technology

Once the U-clips are compressed, screws lock anteriorly and posteriorly into the U-clip, creating a robust fixation that does not rely on bone quality alone.

Custom Instrumentation

Primary Guides

They aid in fracture reduction once clamped onto the rib.  This innovative instrument indicates the correct screw size and has a built in drill guide and stop.

Intermediate Gauge

Acts as a clamp for securing segmental fractures, maintain fracture reduction as well as a sizing tool for intermediate screw placement.

Hand Bender

The two-sided Hand Bender is specifically designed to contour the U Plus plate to match the curvature of the rib. The teardrop features (1) are used for in-plane bending. The unique design allows for bending the plate without deforming the screw holes, as well as an angle approach to bend the plates in-situ.  The roller features (2) are used for out-of-plane bending.